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Management tools are needed

March 17, 2008

j0321136.jpgDavid Marshall post on his InfoWorld blog regarding VMware’s lifecycle management announcements from VMworld Europe. David questions the fragmented approach taken by VMware and quote’s VMlogix’s Ravi Gururaj and Surgient regarding how we compete at this level with VMware.

InfoWorld | One of the big takeaways from VMworld Europe – management tools are needed| By David Marshall


18 Million Reasons

February 26, 2008

j0387734.jpgOn Microsoft’s Startup Zone, Yi-Jian Ngo has a good post on why its important for both vendors and customers to focus on heterogeneous virtualization support in technology areas such as virtual lab management.

Yi-Jian Ngo : 18 Million Reasons


Surgient’s Future After a Strong Third Quarter

December 3, 2007

j0387734.jpgDavid Marshall interviews me in his InfoWorld Virtualization Report blog, regarding Surgient’s recent announcement of a strong third quarter for virtual lab management applicaitons.

InfoWorld Virtualization Report | David Marshall | InfoWorld | Surgient’s Future After a Strong Third Quarter


Is it Virtual or is it Real?

August 18, 2007

j0433145.jpgTheresa Lanowitz, analyst and founder of voke, inc, discusses the acquisition of XenSource by Citrix and other sweeping changes occurring in and around virtualization. She specifically calls out virtual lab management as an area offering more specific value around the broad virtualization plays occurring.

What’s Next? Is it Virtual or is it Real?


Rough Type: VMware, Xen and the hardware business

August 15, 2007

j0401818.jpgNick Carr (Why IT Doesn’t Matter) comments on the feeding frenzy around virtualization infrastructure vendors and notes (accurately) the long-term impact of consolidation. I think it was Paul Saffo, though, that said “never mistake a clear view for a short distance.” I agree with Carr’s analysis but think it will be some time before we reach that level of saturation. What do you think?

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: VMware, Xen and the hardware business


Citrix Acquires XenSource for $500 million

August 15, 2007


Dan Kusnetzky at ZDNet has some good points about the fit between XenSource and Citrix. Another analysis I saw earlier today, though, points out that XenSource has a special relationship with Microsoft where they have source level access to Veridian. Citrix, more than anyone else, knows a thing or two about what to do to capitalize on priveleged source-level access to Microsoft technologies (ie, terminal services) and so should be able to capitalize on this. Thoughts?

» Citrix Acquires XenSource for $500 million | Virtually Speaking |


VMLogix announces upcoming support for XenEnterprise 4.0

August 13, 2007


Noted at is the quick announcement by VMlogix that they’ll support the just-announced XenEnterprise 4.0 in an upcoming release of VMlogix Lab Manager VMLogix announces upcoming support for XenEnterprise 4.0