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Management tools are needed

March 17, 2008

j0321136.jpgDavid Marshall post on his InfoWorld blog regarding VMware’s lifecycle management announcements from VMworld Europe. David questions the fragmented approach taken by VMware and quote’s VMlogix’s Ravi Gururaj and Surgient regarding how we compete at this level with VMware.

InfoWorld | One of the big takeaways from VMworld Europe – management tools are needed| By David Marshall


Sameer Jagtap, VP Product Management with Surgient (Video Interview)

February 28, 2008

Tarry Singh interviews Surgient’s Sameer Jagtap about the virtual lab management market, Surgient’s platform and product and other news from VMworld Europe 2008 in Cannes.

Sameer Jagtap, VP Product Management with Surgient (Video Interview) |


VMWorld 2007 – The Big Bang of Virtualization

September 14, 2007

j0401430.jpgJust got back from VMworld 2007 in San Francisco and what an amazing time it was. 10,000+ people gathered to discuss virtualization from every point of view. Strangely absent this year was much talk about Workstation. It was there but all the focus was on server virtualization. What this meant for development and testing was Virtual Lab Management. No real news around VMware Lab Manager, but it was a strong presence in the VMware exhibit and a very well attended part of the sessions. Both Surgient VQMS and VMlogix Lab Manager were also exhibited at the show. This was the largest show of its kind that I’ve seen in many years. It almost felt like the 2000-bubble again! I’m certain that VMware’s IPO only served to increase the drumbeat around them and drove further attendance at the show. If we saw you at our booth at VMworld, thank you for stopping by. If not, we look forward to meeting you next year!