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New VMware Stage Manager tackles application lifecycle management

January 22, 2008

j0401818.jpgArticle from regarding VMware’s recently announced Stage Manager product. The product claims to cover the application lifecycle to help promote applications into and from production. My question is how is this different from Lab Manager?

Confusing to Lab Manager customers? For most enterprise applications, the environment employed outside of production is the test environment. Why would a customer use both VMware Lab Manager and VMware Stage Manager? Stage Manager seems the stronger of the two, and certainly closer to what we do at Surgient with our lab management platform and VQMS. Is this the death of VMware Lab Manager? How will VMware deal with confused customers, especially Lab Manager customers?

VMware only? Then there is the question of a tool that is meant to support enterprise apps but only supports VMware virtualization. Most enterprise data centers are heterogeneous environments, and the majority of applications are not yet deployed in virtualized containers. The shortcomings of Stage Manager seem to be its presupposition that the world be 100% virtualized in the short-term. Most customers we speak to are nowhere near that as a decision or a reality.

 What do you think?

New VMware Stage Manager tackles application lifecycle management


Response to InfoWorld’s Choices on 2007’s Top Technology

January 9, 2008

j0387734.jpgZD’s Dan Kusnetzky posts a response to the latest InfoWorld 2008 awards, noting a number of companies is missing. Surgient VQMS was a 2007 winner of the award and Dan notes that virtual lab companies such as VMlogix were skipped this year.

» Response to InfoWorld’s Choices on 2007’s Top Technology | Virtually Speaking |


Webinar: Power Up Application Testing with Virtual Labs

November 16, 2007

j0321136.jpgSurgient and Utopia Solutions will jointly present a webinar on accelerating software delivery with test automation and test lab management.

What: “Power Up Your Application Testing – Accelerate Software Delivery with Test Automation and Test Lab Management”

When: Wednesday, November 28 2007, 11a PT (2p ET)

Speakers: Lee Barnes, founder and CTO, Utopia Solutions and Erik Josowitz, VP Product Strategy, Surgient



Win an iPhone!

October 9, 2007

j0433118.jpgAt Surgient Success ( we’ve launched a contest. The 5 most active participants in the discussion forums as of November 16th will win Apple iPhones! So if you are interested in virtual lab management and want to talk more about it, and also have wanted an iPhone…. For more information and rules/conditions etc take a look at


Is it Virtual or is it Real?

August 18, 2007

j0433145.jpgTheresa Lanowitz, analyst and founder of voke, inc, discusses the acquisition of XenSource by Citrix and other sweeping changes occurring in and around virtualization. She specifically calls out virtual lab management as an area offering more specific value around the broad virtualization plays occurring.

What’s Next? Is it Virtual or is it Real?


Virtual Lab Case Study: A Better Way to Test

July 18, 2007

Flickr photo

Health Leaders has published a short case study of how Sisters of Mercy Health System is using virtual labs and test automation as part of their ERP system rollout. They note that the combination has allowed them to reduce the middle portion of their test cycle from 5 days to 4 hours!

Health Leaders: A Better Way to Test


SD Times – Automating the Virtual Testing Lab for Fun and Profit

July 3, 2007

Nice article in current SDTimes discussing a recent survey by voke, inc. (see previous blog posts by Theresa Lanowitz) that demonstrates that virtual labs used in the context of software testing (think regression tests, configuration tests, user acceptance tests, etc) can reduce test cycle time by up to 50%.

SD Times – Automating the Virtual Testing Lab for Fun and Profit