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Virtual Lab Case Study: A Better Way to Test

July 18, 2007

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Health Leaders has published a short case study of how Sisters of Mercy Health System is using virtual labs and test automation as part of their ERP system rollout. They note that the combination has allowed them to reduce the middle portion of their test cycle from 5 days to 4 hours!

Health Leaders: A Better Way to Test


SD Times – Automating the Virtual Testing Lab for Fun and Profit

July 3, 2007

Nice article in current SDTimes discussing a recent survey by voke, inc. (see previous blog posts by Theresa Lanowitz) that demonstrates that virtual labs used in the context of software testing (think regression tests, configuration tests, user acceptance tests, etc) can reduce test cycle time by up to 50%.

SD Times – Automating the Virtual Testing Lab for Fun and Profit


Surgient Announces New Software and New Delivery Mechanism

June 25, 2007

David Marshall at InfoWorld picks up Surgient’s news items from last week.

InfoWorld Virtualization Report | InfoWorld | Surgient Announces New Software and New Delivery Mechanism | June 24, 2007 05:00 PM | By David Marshall


Redmond Developer News | BookSmart Review

June 16, 2007

Nice article by John Waters describing how virtualization, and lab management techniques, is changing the way that applications are developed and managed in an enterprise environment.

Redmond Developer News | BookSmart Review


Virtualization of QA Testing Speeds ERP Deployment at Mercy — Digital Healthcare and Productivity

May 29, 2007

Nice case study of Surgient virtual QA lab in use at Sisters of Mercy Health Systems. Using the Surgient virtual lab environment as part of an ERP rollout is saving tremendous time, they say–

Using the Surgient VQMS, the group can now run through 100 applications in a week with two people involved.

At the start of the ERP deployment, it was estimated that it would take six years of testing time to complete the QA testing. Now, Gutsche’s group thinks it will be closer to six months. “Previously, it took at least a week to run a level two test, now it takes about four hours,” said Gutsche. “This allows us to get to level three testing faster.”

Virtualization of QA Testing Speeds ERP Deployment at Mercy — Digital Healthcare and Productivity


Virtual labs and offshoring/outsourcing

May 5, 2007

Akshay Upadhye writes on the site about mitigating risks in offshoring and outsourcing. Specifically he talks about different types of risks – organizational, environmental,  etc. Virtual labs can be a great tools for mitigating the risks in outsourcing or offshoring. By providing remote access to virtual labs to the outsourced teams no intellectual property needs to be transferred to a remote country and be subject to its rules. Much finer-grained access control can be provided in a virtual lab environment than can be counted on from an outsourcing provider. Virtual labs would also facilitate the hand-off of work between a remote team and an onshore team (24/7 development or follow-the-sun testing scenarios). | Engineering | Best Practices: Offshoring & Outsourcing
Akshay Upadhye


Virtually Developed, Debugged, And Deployed

April 25, 2007

More on VMware Lab Manager

Virtually Developed, Debugged, And Deployed