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Surgient Awarded Three New Patents for Advanced Management and Coordination of Virtualization

January 23, 2008

j0433145.jpgSurgient announced three new patents had been awarded. The patents cover fundamental methods of managing and coordinating virtual machines and virtualization infrastructure.

Surgient Awarded Three New Patents for Advanced Management and Coordination of Virtualization


IDC says virtualization services market will be $11.7B

July 11, 2007

IDC released a study today noting that the explosive growth of virtualization will mean that there is high demand for consulting and services specialized in optimizing the use of virtualization. Data center managers will struggle on their own to address the power, cooling and planning issues that are significantly impacted by the use of virtualization. The report predicts that the market for those services will grow from $5.5B in 2006 to $11.7B in 2011.

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Application virtualization and green computing

May 24, 2007

ZDnet’s Dan Kusnetzky continues his discussions about virtualization and ecological impact

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Processing virtualization and green computing

May 20, 2007

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Dan Kusnetzky at ZDnet continues his discussion of how virtualization can be used to drive towards more energy-efficient data centers. He calls out the need for tools that actively consolidate and manage workloads:

Suppliers such as Cassatt, DataSynapse, Scalent, SteelEye, Surgient, VMware, XenSource and quite a few others offer this technology on industry standard, high volume clients, servers and blades. As with storage virtualization, the careful use of this software can help organizations reduce hardware, maintenance and administrative costs while also helping preserve the endangered kilowatt and preventing the release of the dreaded BTU, Calorie or Joule.

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Virtualization and green computing

May 17, 2007

Dan Kusnetzky at ZDnet discusses how virtualization plays a big role in attempts to make datacenter computing more environmentally friendly. He calls out how the dynamic capacity management capabilities of virtual labs (with a nod to Surgient) can be used to consolidate optimally for power consumption.

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