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The big question in Testing Outsourcing

October 31, 2007

virtual labSome interesting thoughts/questions on outsourced testing and a very interesting graph on relative market sizing found here.

To be or Not to be: The big question in Testing Outsourcing « Perpetua knowledge Services Weblog


Virtual Lab Case Study: A Better Way to Test

July 18, 2007

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Health Leaders has published a short case study of how Sisters of Mercy Health System is using virtual labs and test automation as part of their ERP system rollout. They note that the combination has allowed them to reduce the middle portion of their test cycle from 5 days to 4 hours!

Health Leaders: A Better Way to Test


SD Times – Automating the Virtual Testing Lab for Fun and Profit

July 3, 2007

Nice article in current SDTimes discussing a recent survey by voke, inc. (see previous blog posts by Theresa Lanowitz) that demonstrates that virtual labs used in the context of software testing (think regression tests, configuration tests, user acceptance tests, etc) can reduce test cycle time by up to 50%.

SD Times – Automating the Virtual Testing Lab for Fun and Profit


Surgient VQMS Integrated Into HP Quality Center

June 22, 2007

HP announced that they are selling Surgient VQMS as part of HP Quality Center, to automate test environment provisioning

Surgient > News > Surgient VQMS Integrated Into HP Quality Center


Surgient Announces Next Version of Leading Virtual Lab Management Solutions

June 22, 2007

Surgient announced the upcoming availability of Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications version 5.3. The latest release extends Surgient’s enterprise virtual lab leadership by enabling the support of a wide-array of guest operating systems, 64-bit guest and host environments and advanced complex networking scenarios. Large organizations have indicated the need for these capabilities as they extend their use of virtual labs beyond individual projects and groups.

Surgient > News > Surgient Announces Next Version of Leading Virtual Lab Management Solutions


Redmond Developer News | BookSmart Review

June 16, 2007

Nice article by John Waters describing how virtualization, and lab management techniques, is changing the way that applications are developed and managed in an enterprise environment.

Redmond Developer News | BookSmart Review


What’s Next?

May 14, 2007

Theresa Lanowitz, analyst with Voke, notes some of the benefits of virtualization and virtual lab management in support of outsourcing or offshoring in her “What’s Next?” blog. She says:

Virtualization technology delivers so much to an enterprise. First and foremost, it allows for a malleable enterprise environment to be delivered anywhere independent of an operating system.

The benefits of virtualization abound in a variety of use cases, but while I am talking about technology going together like David Cassidy and puka shells, offshore work is exponentially easier and far more predictable when using virtualization technology. Two of the more popular vendors offering virtual lab automation technology specifically for the application lifecycle are Surgient and VMware.

What’s Next?