Virtualization trends in 2007 and industry predictions for 2008

December 31, 2007

j0401430.jpgAt virtualization.info, Alessandro Perilli presents a very nice wrap-up of what was predicted for 2007 versus what really came to pass. One of his comments is that analysts were wrong to suggest that automation of virtual environments would play a strong role in managing virtual resources in 2007. While he’s right that it was not “key” in 07 and certainly he is correct that most virtual resources are not managed in an automated fashion, I really disagree with the overall characterization of automation as unimportant. Certainly much of the buzz currently around virtualization is centered on the automation of virtualization (be it site recovery, orchestration or virtual lab management). Beyond that I believe that automation is a buying impetus as well. I guess we’ll see in 2008!

virtualization.info: Virtualization trends in 2007 and industry predictions for 2008



  1. Maybe my article was misleading: I just stated that virtual data center automation didn’t play a major role in 2007.

    As I affirmed several times on virtualization.info, on my keynotes, on my articles on several other news magazines, I certainly believe that orchestration of virtual resources is the most important evolution of virtualization.

    As independent analyst I expect this segment to become the most significant in the entire virtualization market on the middle term.

    I hope this clarifies my position.
    Alessandro Perilli

  2. I think we agree, Alessandro!

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