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Surgient Announces Record Third Quarter

November 29, 2007

j0433118.jpgSurgient announced that it achieved record growth in the third quarter of 2007. With a record number of new deals in the third quarter, including the company’s first seven figure license deal, Surgient is on pace for 60 percent year-over-year revenue growth. Surgient third quarter bookings grew to almost three times the bookings for the same quarter in 2006.

Surgient Announces Record Third Quarter


Webinar: Power Up Application Testing with Virtual Labs

November 16, 2007

j0321136.jpgSurgient and Utopia Solutions will jointly present a webinar on accelerating software delivery with test automation and test lab management.

What: “Power Up Your Application Testing – Accelerate Software Delivery with Test Automation and Test Lab Management”

When: Wednesday, November 28 2007, 11a PT (2p ET)

Speakers: Lee Barnes, founder and CTO, Utopia Solutions and Erik Josowitz, VP Product Strategy, Surgient



Electric Cloud, VMware Team Up

November 7, 2007

j0401430.jpgVMware and Electric Cloud announce intent to connect Electric Cloud Commander build-management to VMware Lab Manager. This would allow developers to leverage the virtual lab environment across the development cycle.

Dr. Dobb’s | Electric Cloud, VMware Team Up | November 7, 2007