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h1 Release: Surgient VMLA 5.3

September 20, 2007

virtual labAlessandro Perilli at takes note of the release of Surgient VQMS 5.3 and its availability for download. Alessandro actually provided some key impetus for the release being available this way as he encouraged us over the past year to make the product downloadable. We look forward to his comments on the product.

One minor correction, though, his note suggests that the download is of only part of the product. The download, available at is actually a full version of Surgient Virtual QA/Test Lab Management System 5.3. Thanks again, Alessandro! Release: Surgient VMLA 5.3


VMWorld 2007 – The Big Bang of Virtualization

September 14, 2007

j0401430.jpgJust got back from VMworld 2007 in San Francisco and what an amazing time it was. 10,000+ people gathered to discuss virtualization from every point of view. Strangely absent this year was much talk about Workstation. It was there but all the focus was on server virtualization. What this meant for development and testing was Virtual Lab Management. No real news around VMware Lab Manager, but it was a strong presence in the VMware exhibit and a very well attended part of the sessions. Both Surgient VQMS and VMlogix Lab Manager were also exhibited at the show. This was the largest show of its kind that I’ve seen in many years. It almost felt like the 2000-bubble again! I’m certain that VMware’s IPO only served to increase the drumbeat around them and drove further attendance at the show. If we saw you at our booth at VMworld, thank you for stopping by. If not, we look forward to meeting you next year!


Surgient 5.3 Available, New sites

September 8, 2007

j0321192.jpgWe just finished the latest version of our virtual lab management application, Surgient VQMS 5.3, and it is now available for download at

We also revamped the Surgient site and have created a new community portal, Surgient Success ( to support the new version. Let us know what you think!

New features in Surgient VQMS 5.3 include:

  • Advanced, Agentless Networking. Surgient’s next-generation Network Abstraction and Isolation Layer (NAIL) technology enables a wider array of complex application topologies to be modeled, deployed and cloned without any image modifications.
  • Calendar-Based Resources View. Allows developers and testers to easily visualize and track past, present and future deployments of test configurations over time.
  • Reporting Customization and Enhancements. New to version 5.3 is the ability to customize and extend reporting capabilities, enabling the extraction of specific business information such as usage information to enable chargeback billing, allowing integration with business intelligence tools and enterprise dashboards.
  • 64-Bit Support. VQMS supports 64-bit across the board – VQMS server, host servers and guest operating systems running on VMware ESX 3.0.
  • Vista Support. VQMS supports Microsoft Vista Business Edition or higher running as a guest operating system on Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1.

The Business Value of Virtual Lab Automation

September 6, 2007

j0433118.jpgTom Pisello describes how virtual lab management projects deliver double the ROI of comparable IT infrastructure projects. Great read! He uses VMware Lab Manager as an example but the numbers should hold for any virtual lab solution, and would be larger for systems that scale to larger environments and teams (such as Surgient VQMS).

The Business Value of Virtual Lab Automation – Tom Pisello