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» HP’s Spending Spree – Acquisition of Opsware and Neoware

July 24, 2007


On his ZDnet blog Dan Kusnetzky has a nice analysis of HP acquisitions of Opsware and Neoware this week. These are relevant to virtual lab automation as they point to greater interest in overall data center process automation for later stages of the application lifecycle. This begs the question of what companies do to automate those same processes for earlier stages of the lifecycle – namely test and development.

» HP’s Spending Spree – Acquisition of Opsware and Neoware


Virtual Lab Case Study: A Better Way to Test

July 18, 2007

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Health Leaders has published a short case study of how Sisters of Mercy Health System is using virtual labs and test automation as part of their ERP system rollout. They note that the combination has allowed them to reduce the middle portion of their test cycle from 5 days to 4 hours!

Health Leaders: A Better Way to Test


VMware Intros Lab Manager

July 13, 2007

Coverage of the VMware Lab Manager 2.5 release. Lots of news about this and the Intel investment in the whirlwind around the upcoming VMware IPO.

Byte and Switch – VMware Intros Lab Manager


IDC says virtualization services market will be $11.7B

July 11, 2007

IDC released a study today noting that the explosive growth of virtualization will mean that there is high demand for consulting and services specialized in optimizing the use of virtualization. Data center managers will struggle on their own to address the power, cooling and planning issues that are significantly impacted by the use of virtualization. The report predicts that the market for those services will grow from $5.5B in 2006 to $11.7B in 2011.

More information at;jsessionid=KE3Z05RT5SOSKCQJAFICFFAKBEAUMIWD?containerId=prUS20778407


Surgient Appoints Tim Lucas to Chief Executive Officer

July 9, 2007

Virtual lab management vendor Surgient announced that former-CFO Tim Lucas has been named President and CEO. Lucas was previously an executive at Red Hat and SAS and joined Surgient about a year ago.

Surgient > News > Surgient Appoints Tim Lucas to Chief Executive Officer


SD Times – Automating the Virtual Testing Lab for Fun and Profit

July 3, 2007

Nice article in current SDTimes discussing a recent survey by voke, inc. (see previous blog posts by Theresa Lanowitz) that demonstrates that virtual labs used in the context of software testing (think regression tests, configuration tests, user acceptance tests, etc) can reduce test cycle time by up to 50%.

SD Times – Automating the Virtual Testing Lab for Fun and Profit