Processing virtualization and green computing

May 20, 2007

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Dan Kusnetzky at ZDnet continues his discussion of how virtualization can be used to drive towards more energy-efficient data centers. He calls out the need for tools that actively consolidate and manage workloads:

Suppliers such as Cassatt, DataSynapse, Scalent, SteelEye, Surgient, VMware, XenSource and quite a few others offer this technology on industry standard, high volume clients, servers and blades. As with storage virtualization, the careful use of this software can help organizations reduce hardware, maintenance and administrative costs while also helping preserve the endangered kilowatt and preventing the release of the dreaded BTU, Calorie or Joule.

» Processing virtualization and green computing | Virtually Speaking | ZDNet.com



  1. Thanks for the reference. My post mentioned that many management tools are available from suppliers such as Cassatt, Novell, DataSynapse, Scalent, Surgient, VMware and Virtualization. It pointed out that planning for virtualization should also include consideration of tools such as those.

    Another small point is that my name is spelled “Kusnetzky” not “Zusnetzky”.

    Thanks again for the reference.

  2. Whoops! Sorry Dan! As someone with a hard-to-spell last name I usually try to be extra-careful with other’s names. Didn’t work this time, though.

  3. If one searches the network for “Kusnetsky”, “Kusnetzky”, “Kuznetsky” and “Kuznetzky”, one can find quotes, papers and other things for which I am culpable. Becoming a “Z” man was a new experience!


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