Virtualization and green computing

May 17, 2007

Dan Kusnetzky at ZDnet discusses how virtualization plays a big role in attempts to make datacenter computing more environmentally friendly. He calls out how the dynamic capacity management capabilities of virtual labs (with a nod to Surgient) can be used to consolidate optimally for power consumption.

» Virtualization and green computing | Virtually Speaking | ZDNet.com


One comment

  1. Would like this message to get to Dan.
    I’m on the V-Kernel team that created the product, a genuine Virtual Appliance for Capacity and Chargeback reporting. We’re working very closely with our beta testers and just posted Beta 3 on our website and are heading for a release before VMworld in San Francisco in September. In a nutshell:

    V-Kernel adds functionality not available in Virtual Center such as Chargeback, Top down reporting on Resources used by multiple VMs to support Business Services, and Storage usage reporting. In this latest release we added 11 new features and improvements and made 13 bug fixes. Collection speed improved by 200%. You can now see reports in 10 to 15 minutes. Yes, this is for real. Newly updated manual has also been posted.


    If you have questions, just let me know.

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