Online Learning: Retention is Everyones Issue « WeirdGuy

May 1, 2007

WierdGuy notes (Online Learning: Retention is Everyones Issue « WeirdGuy) that eLearning has retention issues. He lists, based on Diaz, the high drop rates asssociated with non-corporate eLearning and some reasons why. One big difference he misses, though, is the typical lack of a hands-on component in a non-classroom eLearning setting. They should look at virtual labs as a means of bringing hands-on back to the learning environment for online software training.  My guess would be that there is significantly higher retention and lower drop rates where hands-on labs are used in combo with other eLearning technologies.



  1. Good point and well taken. Anytime you can bridge online to real-life you add a component for stronger retention. Yet, when access to these kinds of environments are unavailable, I have found high levels of interaction and “community” building deliver strong results as well.



  2. The blog is coming along nicely. Any possibility of putting WeirdGuy on your blogroll? Appreciate it!


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