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Guide to virtualization adoption – Part 7

May 29, 2007

Alessandro Perilli discusses the needs for automated provisioning in the virtual datacenter environment Guide to virtualization adoption – Part 7


Virtualization of QA Testing Speeds ERP Deployment at Mercy — Digital Healthcare and Productivity

May 29, 2007

Nice case study of Surgient virtual QA lab in use at Sisters of Mercy Health Systems. Using the Surgient virtual lab environment as part of an ERP rollout is saving tremendous time, they say–

Using the Surgient VQMS, the group can now run through 100 applications in a week with two people involved.

At the start of the ERP deployment, it was estimated that it would take six years of testing time to complete the QA testing. Now, Gutsche’s group thinks it will be closer to six months. “Previously, it took at least a week to run a level two test, now it takes about four hours,” said Gutsche. “This allows us to get to level three testing faster.”

Virtualization of QA Testing Speeds ERP Deployment at Mercy — Digital Healthcare and Productivity


Tips and Tricks

May 28, 2007

Nice list of virtualization tips, primarily focused on VMware.

Tips and Tricks « Swollen Technology


Application virtualization and green computing

May 24, 2007

ZDnet’s Dan Kusnetzky continues his discussions about virtualization and ecological impact

» Application virtualization and green computing | Virtually Speaking |


Processing virtualization and green computing

May 20, 2007

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Dan Kusnetzky at ZDnet continues his discussion of how virtualization can be used to drive towards more energy-efficient data centers. He calls out the need for tools that actively consolidate and manage workloads:

Suppliers such as Cassatt, DataSynapse, Scalent, SteelEye, Surgient, VMware, XenSource and quite a few others offer this technology on industry standard, high volume clients, servers and blades. As with storage virtualization, the careful use of this software can help organizations reduce hardware, maintenance and administrative costs while also helping preserve the endangered kilowatt and preventing the release of the dreaded BTU, Calorie or Joule.

» Processing virtualization and green computing | Virtually Speaking |


Virtualization and green computing

May 17, 2007

Dan Kusnetzky at ZDnet discusses how virtualization plays a big role in attempts to make datacenter computing more environmentally friendly. He calls out how the dynamic capacity management capabilities of virtual labs (with a nod to Surgient) can be used to consolidate optimally for power consumption.

» Virtualization and green computing | Virtually Speaking |


Virtualization: Real Trouble for Servers?

May 17, 2007

Business Week wakes up to the fact that the increasing use of virtualization to consolidate applications onto fewer servers might mean that people won’t need as many servers in the future… What they don’t mention is that, by itself, this approach can also increase risk (creating more single points of failure) and management complexity. Advanced, virtualization-aware management tools and approaches (like virtual lab management for pre-production uses) are required to really make this strategy effective. As for a slowdown in spending on servers, we’ll have to wait and see.

Virtualization: Real Trouble for Servers?